Queens Tribune

Queens Tribune Route Mapping

The Queens Tribune needed a way to visually display information about each of their high-volume paper routes. For this project, I created a Python script to process and clean up large Excel and CSV data files containing proprietary route information. Then, I used JavaScript, Google Fusion Tables, and Google Street View Image API to place all information processed by the script into a shareable custom Google Maps page.

Arab Spring

Arab Uprisings, Five Years On

I developed this interactive slideshow using an open-source tool, Reveal.js. Using a mix of JavaScript, HTML and CSS, I helped provide an analysis of the Arab Spring and its effects on the region since December 2010. It features additional custom plug-ins. Look for my persistent audio player that can load audio in chapters, directional links that change dynamically according to what countries are next, and social sharing. I also researched photos. Click here to explore.

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The World Next Week

Every week, I produce, edit, and distribute this CFR podcast series on important world events in the coming week. My responsibilities for the podcast include identifying topics, booking studio spaces, preparing hosts with research and scripts that I have written, researching and fact-checking, recording in the studio and over ISDN codecs if the hosts are in two separate studios, booking guests, editing on Adobe Audition, and distributing on podcasting platforms and social media. Listen here: CFR.org, SoundCloud, and iTunes.

Humanitarian Catastrophe

The Humanitarian Catastrophe

For the Council on Foreign Relations’ InfoGuide on the crisis in the Eastern Congo, I developed a lighter variant of the slideshow shown above. Using a mix of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, I helped tell the story of the humanitarian catastrophes that are causing untold devastation and suffering in the Eastern Congo. I also researched photos. Explore the InfoGuide.

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ReportingRIS4E NASA

Reporting RIS4E

In 2015, I helped teach a summer multimedia journalism course in Hawaii for the Stony Brook University School of Journalism. I joined another professor and several undergraduate and graduate students as we shadowed a team of NASA scientists, including Astronaut Rick Mastracchio, in Hawaii. The scientists, working on a project for NASA's Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI), collected valuable data on the glassy terrain at Kilauea Volcano. I taught the student journalists how to gather the facts, tease out the narrative and use their DSLRs, video cameras and audio recorders to produce the story. Afterwards, I collected their work and created a long-form WordPress site that told the story of the scientists’ work. Click here to explore.

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