I'm Kevin Lizarazo.

I'm an online multimedia producer based in New York. I make videos, podcasts, slideshows, and websites. I currently work at the Council on Foreign Relations. Before that, I studied journalism and political science at Stony Brook University. I speak Spanish, which I used extensively when I spent a short time in 2012 reporting from the streets of Havana, Cuba. I have also taught a multimedia journalism course in Hawaii for Stony Brook University. I consider myself a budding coder. You can find me on Twitter. Use the link below to contact me.

Skills: Video editing and shooting, podcast editing, HTML, CSS (SCSS), JavaScript, some Python, data visualization, WordPress, Adobe Creative Suite (Audition, Premiere, Photoshop, some After Effects); Résumé and contact info (PDF)

Here's some of my work.

Queens Tribune

Queens Tribune Route Mapping

The Queens Tribune needed a way to visually display information about each of their high-volume paper routes. For this project, I created a Python script to process and clean up large Excel and CSV data files containing proprietary route information. Then, I used JavaScript, Google Fusion Tables, and Google Street View Image API to place all information processed by the script into a shareable custom Google Maps page.

Arab Spring

Arab Uprisings, Five Years On

I developed this interactive slideshow using an open-source tool, Reveal.js. Using a mix of JavaScript, HTML and CSS, I helped provide an analysis of the Arab Spring and its effects on the region since December 2010. It features additional custom plug-ins. Look for my persistent audio player that can load audio in chapters, directional links that change dynamically according to what countries are next, and social sharing. I also researched photos. Click here to explore.

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The World Next Week

Every week, I produce, edit, and distribute this CFR podcast series on important world events in the coming week. I edit in Adobe Audition and publish on CFR.org, SoundCloud, and iTunes.

Humanitarian Catastrophe

The Humanitarian Catastrophe

For the Council on Foreign Relations’ InfoGuide on the crisis in the Eastern Congo, I developed a lighter variant of the slideshow shown above. Using a mix of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, I helped tell the story of the humanitarian catastrophes that are causing untold devastation and suffering in the Eastern Congo. I also researched photos. Explore the InfoGuide.

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ReportingRIS4E NASA

Reporting RIS4E

In 2015, I helped teach a summer multimedia journalism course in Hawaii for the Stony Brook University School of Journalism. I joined another professor and several undergraduate and graduate students as we shadowed a team of NASA scientists, including Astronaut Rick Mastracchio, in Hawaii. The scientists, working on a project for NASA's Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI), collected valuable data on the glassy terrain at Kilauea Volcano. I taught the student journalists how to gather the facts, tease out the narrative and use their DSLRs, video cameras and audio recorders to produce the story. Afterwards, I collected their work and created a long-form WordPress site that told the story of the scientists’ work. Click here to explore.

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Journalism Without Walls: Cuba

In early 2012, I spent a week in Havana, Cuba. I worked alongside a team of student-journalists, documenting Havana's changing sociopolitical landscape following Raul Castro's ascension to the presidency of Cuba. I wrote, took photos, and produce videos.

Check out one video to the left; it is a profile of a cigar-maker in a Havana hotel lobby.